TRAKKE workshop

Interior design and build project commissioned by TRAKKE adventure carry within the Glasgow Bike Station 65 Haugh road. The project included a 3.5 x 2.5m scrap wood shingle clad office (Alecs Bothy) a 3m pattern cutting table and a fabric trolley.

Action shot
The Bothy

Trakke Bothy


Scrap wood shingles




Fabric Trolley
Pattern Table
Balcony cladding
window exterior
3m pattern table
The build

A bit from Alec at TRAKKE about the project…

“Trakke moved into the Bike Station in April 2012 – it’s a great space to be in, surrounded by amazing people but the trouble was that it could be quite noisy. Second hand bikes come in, and often have to be ‘persuaded’ to come apart using a big hammer (which isn’t ideal when you’re on the phone to a client!), and in the winter the industrial heating fans sound like a plan taking off. We needed an office, urgently, and the workshop itself needed to become more streamlined to help our workflow.

We could have used a standard builder, but where’s the fun in that? We called in Martin from Rag and Bone workshop to work his magic. When Trakke started out, we raided skips in Glasgow to find materials which we could turn into bags. Martin does the same thing, but with buildings and furniture. He managed to accumulate old pallets to make shingles, an old gym floor to serve as flooring and unwanted windows – all of which he crafted together into an amazing office, inspired by a traditional Scottish mountain bothy, and a fantastic workshop space from which we can create our products. For us, it is ideal – a mountain retreat, at work – built by an inspiring friend and artist. He nailed it.”

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