Martin Campbell is a Glasgow-based designer and maker of both freestanding and fitted furniture. His designs consider functionality in relation to the emotional and aesthetic qualities of the materials used and the spaces being designed for.

His work is concerned with a need to rethink our relationship to the material world in both public and private spaces. He brings a commitment to understanding the whole narrative of a client’s commission in order to create designs that endure and remain relevant to the story of the space.

Materials are sourced locally for the majority of the work. Not only for sustainability or a directly traceable provenance, but in order to foster healthy working relationships with local sawmills. Evident in the work is the character of this timber and his practices as a maker are gentle and respectful to the individuality of each material used.

Through a design consultation process that is conversational, he enjoys uncovering the poetic and emotional qualities of a project which are then translated into meaningful, bespoke details which reflect a client’s life and environment; with the ultimate aim that the furniture has enough depth and resonance to ‘grow’ with a client over time.

If you would like to discuss a project or commission a piece please get in touch.

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